photo:  Britt Crowe


I am Olivia.

I have spent the last 5 (maybe 10) years chasing my “self” and my deepest sense of belonging - through mindfulness, through yoga, through every self-help book and personality test I could get my hands on - so that I can find happiness within and serve the world from a genuine and loving place. My journey - not always easy or straightforward, but worth the ride - has brought me into the world of mindfulness, of yoga, and of coaching. Having pursued fine arts, literature, and journalism through my education as well, I have managed to tie my love of writing, of pop-y, memorable aesthetics and of beautiful content in with my more intuitive gifts.

Now I help others along the journey of spirituality and entrepreneurship - the one I am still on. I hope that through my own experiences, documented on the Journal, I can shed a bit of light on my own trials and tribulations so that you can find a companion in your stumbles. And as we grow together, I am so grateful to be able to lend you a hand in your own journey to authenticity and fulfillment.