Olivia is a treasure of transformation!  My firm was ready for change with an uplevel of our online presence, how we source our clientele, and our environment, and once I met Olivia, we were finally able to blast out of the past into a future-forward, productive series of actions to make those changes.  Focus, intention, clarity, care, concern, harmony, love, peace, high standards, flow and ease are all words that come to mind. I so loved the sessions we had together, and she absolutely helped magnetize people and events to us that have put us in a whole new place.

I am so excited about our future now, and enjoying our present, while we watch the intentions unfold that Olivia helped us to create for ourselves.  It is so wonderful to know Olivia, who has helped direct us toward the highest standards for my accomplishments ahead, and to bring spiritual qualities into our daily working environment. Thank you so much, Olivia!  We look forward to working again with you soon!

- Elizabeth Hardwick, Giants in the Dirt, founder & owner

Olivia is a deeply intuitive, wise and safe woman and coach. I was deeply touched by our sessions together and her ability to hold space, and explore areas in my life that I had not yet looked at. I would deeply encourage Olivia’s work for anyone who is wanting to gain clarity and to grow and evolve. She is a true gem.

- Amanda Wright

We stumbled upon a rare gem in Olivia - having worked in PR and employing a variety of marketing strategies, her capacity to capture the Cook Space mission from the outset was not only remarkably refreshing but incredibly influential in helping us distill our message for internal as well as external purposes. She approached each project with an unprecedented depth of care and passion, identifying areas of inquiry and possibilities for growth we hadn’t ourselves even considered.

Beyond her astonishingly refreshing positive and energizing attitude, Olivia’s hyper focussed attention to detail produced consistently stellar results - our social media audience for a new project went from 0 - 500 within thirty days.

She tackles each project with a vigor and sense of ownership that gave us the utmost confidence in its handling - any and all feedback was swiftly onboarded and applied with the telltale excellence we have come to expect from Olivia. Beyond all of this, she is simply a joy to work with, imbuing each interaction with the generosity of spirit and problem solving that is her nature. I cannot recommend her enough

- Lara Southern, Cook Space, Creative Director

Olivia is a calming presence who carries such understanding and compassion in her soul. She helped me clear my mind and re-orient my work-related goals, as well as manifest what I was looking for in my personal life.

- Emily Carney

Olivia is truly gifted in her insight and intuition and a total pro in her work. She is able to weave together your BIG vision and make it real, tangible, and most important - POSSIBLE. Her insights brought me clarity in a few hours that had been eluding me for YEARS trying to figure it all out on my own. Before hiring Olivia I felt a lot of resistance around social media, and even though I "knew" I should be posting daily, making it look cohesive and communicating my message... but I was caught up on the implementation. Olivia's approach is powerful because it goes deeper than what you can get in a google search (how to curate a feed, when to post, scheduling etc) - it goes right to the heart of how you want to serve and how to create that feels inspiring, authentic and deeply aligned. I went into our call with a sub-par feed but a lot of heart and left our session with SO much more than I could have imagined possible in such a short amount of time: a mission, a clear message, content mapped out for the next month, a strategy for my launch, even a brand mood board and a way to source the perfect photos without having to even own a camera! The best part was leaving with a palpable excitement to create and share authentically with the world. If you want to create a cohesive brand that stands out from the crown, is easy to implement, and makes your heart sing - Olivia is your girl! Worth every penny. In fact, so much more!

- Krissy Leonard, Business and Marketing Coach for Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs, krissyleonard.com