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branding & coaching for soul-centered individuals

Some things that might be true about you, if you are reading this page:

  • You know what you would LOVE to do, in a perfect world, but you can’t seem to figure out how to take that leap.

  • You are a badass women who has developed a unique skillset; you are successful at your job; and yet you don’t feel like it’s filling you up. In fact, it’s draining you and you feel like there is your life, there is your job (which you SHOULD love) and you don’t know how to find fulfillment in both at the same time.

  • You know it’s time to take your passion to the next level but you’re not sure what the steps are.

  • You want to go off and do your own thing - desperately - but you are overwhelmed by society’s (your parents’, your friends’) suggestion that there is a proper path through this life that you SHOULD take.

  • You know there is something more for you out there - a relationship, a job, a passion project - but you can’t even figure out what on earth that might be.

I am here to guide you to yourself.

My mission is to guide people to a deeper understanding of themselves, so that they never feel misaligned or unfulfilled. And so that they can FILL UP the world with their light, as they were put on this earth to do.

Together, we will build your life and/or your brand in a way that feels beautifully authentic to you, so that you never feel stuck, drained, unsure or self-doubtful about an Instagram post, a blog post, or a moment in which you have the opportunity to speak your truth again. We will take your core life mission - the one your soul came onto this planet with - and transform it into a daily practice (and maybe a brand strategy) that will be a pillar for your life and business for years to come. And through our work together visualizing and unblocking the resistance that has kept you from building, we will make sure that the message you carry into your life is SO aligned with you that you can’t help but sing it out to every person who comes your way - aka new clients and friends, who will be popping up EVERYWHERE :)


I have been on this journey for a long time -

the journey of feeling torn between listening to my soul and following what I “should” do.

About me:

I have been on this journey for a long time - the journey of feeling torn between listening to my soul and following what I “should” do. When I finally took the leap in January 2018 and decided to leave a full-time corporate job to start my own content business, regardless of what my parents and peers thought, I felt liberated. There have been so many times in my life when I have made the deliberate choice to stop pushing through the “should”s and surrender to the universe, and I cannot express how thankful I am. It has made all of the difference; because even on an off day when everything in my personal life seems to be falling apart, I know that my business nourishes me, and that the help I provide my clients fills me up. This is what I want to offer you. Through all of the techniques that I have picked up since this journey into self first began, when I was 18 and stumbled upon mindfulness, to my training in reiki, yoga teacher training, and all of my ongoing education around mindset work, reprogramming the things that are holding us back, I believe that each of us has the power to create our own path if we draw on the necessary tools to build our strength.

Are you ready to get started?

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation vision & alignment call. You can do that right here:

Step 2: We’ll connect on the phone and spend some time visualizing and holding space for your dreams. Then we’ll map out a strategy for reaching your goals. Get ready for some deep questions and to come away with a few exciting next steps.

Step 3: If we decide we’re the right fit we’ll discuss opportunities for coaching. I only work with women who I feel completely confident that I can help achieve their goals - it has to be a yes for both of us!