Mini Clarity Retreat



Meet with me for the two-and-a-half hours in the afternoon (virtually or in-person) + get clear on what your deepest mission is so that you can develop an unshakable foundation for your business or life transition. In this time together, we will do some deep meditation + visualization about your purpose and what fears are getting in your way. We will look at sustainable next steps - no matter WHERE you are at in this process. If you are looking for social media & branding help, we will get you on your way to a month’s worth of aligned social media content with my done-for-you system. If not, we will design a curriculum unique to you so that we can get you on your way to meeting your goals.


This offering is custom-designed according to your goals. A sample of the retreat program:

Opening meditation and visualization.


Uncovering your authenticity. We will work through what your life looks like now, where you want it to be, and any blocks standing in the way so that we can move into the fun part - growth.


Creating a beautiful lifestyle foundation. We will look at your daily habits and rituals, including the food you fuel yourself with, the space that you work in, and the people you surround yourself with in your free time, so that you can begin to create the infrastructure for an enriching daily life.


We will chat about breathwork and meditation - we will do some re-energizing exercises for the afternoon and talk about how to work these into your routine so that you have practical tools for resetting in your work day.


If you are an entrepreneur — We will help you develop an online presence that truly feels like YOU by crafting your aligned message. This will carry through all of your communications so that clients can clearly understand what you do and how you serve them — so that you can turn your instagram page into a client-generating machine.  You’ll also get started on a month’s worth of social media posts in a day using my done-for-you system so that you no longer have to feel embarrassed about your online presence. We will create something you are truly proud of and that represents you living your most healthy and aligned life (which you will be living by the end of our time together!)

If you are a soul-searching individual — We will create a custom plan focused on your area of desired growth, whether you are applying to a new job, looking for guidance in your relationship, or just have a feeling of “stuckness” you’d like to explore and move through.


Strategic goal-setting. We will talk through the area of most importance to you and set a plan in motion that feels fulfilling and sustainable, so that you can walk away knowing where to focus your efforts to grow.


Closing ceremony.


 Not sure if this is the right fit?