Galentine's Day Celebrations


Valentine's Day can often be a little... sad? for single ladies. Men are not taught to care as much about Valentine's Day (correct me if I'm wrong...), but when February 14th rolls around and the whole city seems to be carrying flowers that they are either about to deliver or have just received, the weight of single-dom can weigh a bit heavier than it does most days for the women who have no secret or not-so-secret admirers.

I decided last week that I am in a committed relationship with myself, meaning I am neither on the market, nor looking, nor lonely (well, everyone is lonely sometimes)... basically, I am happy - yes, happy - being perfectly single. And being in a relationship with myself means that I am taking it upon myself to celebrate myself, to lift myself up, to watch movies with myself, to go on dates with myself, to post pictures of my beautiful self on Instagram, and to buy flowers for myself (this list can be added to at any time). To be noted: people should have this relationship with themselves at all times, even when they decide they can also commit to another partner. 

So, Galentines... I wanted to spread my message of self love to the women in my life whom I love dearly. So I sent them all this invitation last week:

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 9.44.17 AM.png

I had found the following with my friend Caroline at a really cool boutique called Red Pearl in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. [202 Bedford Ave, BK 11249]


It's by a brand called "Spitfire Girl," and it basically entails casting love spell on one's lover of choice.... I encouraged the group to modify a bit. Instead of writing our lover's name on a piece of paper, as the Burning Love Kit instructed us to do, we each wrote our own name, and we visualized our wishes and intentions for the months moving forward for ourselves. Then, as per the instructions, we sprayed the love spray that was included over our names, spilled wax from the included candle over that, and dropped a few of the included dried rose petals on top of that. Then we passed around a piece of rose quartz and each closed our eyes while we focused on our wishes. All the while Emily's root chakra music filled the room. It was a beautiful ceremony, and an intensely positive energy filled the room that I could just feel in my body. 

After the ceremony, we did a flower exchange with the flowers we had each brought (and some of the ones I had provided, for those who had forgotten a flower - I knew this would happen :)). We wrote our names on pieces of paper towel and each picked one, then went around the room gifting flowers and saying a few words to the woman we were gifting to. It was so lovely and radiant, and reminded all of us who are camp friend of our potlatch ceremony there. 


This all happened over a few bottles of wine and many delicious frozen Trader Joe's snacks. We all highly recommend the cauliflower crust pizza (gluten free!!) - it was DELICIOUS, and did not taste like abnormal pizza in the slightest. Also, the feta and caramelized onion pastry bites - OH MY GOD. Just wow. 

All of this to say that there was a lot of love in the room that night. We all felt it. Romantic love is just ONE iteration of LOVE. And maybe not its biggest form... Just a thought. I encourage every person to practice more self love. Create weird ceremonies if you need to - they do wonders. And magic exists - I just know. 

Love, Olive