Adventures in fortune-telling (but not really)

So, before we left the ship for Japan, my friend Trevor read my tarot cards. I LOVE getting my cards read – my friend Rémy does it for me all of the time back at UVA. And while I don’t believe that they can predict my future (or, at least, I don’t want to fully believe that because predetermination is pretty darn limiting), I often gain some fun and helpful insight from looking at the cards I pull up. Trevor - who is a wonderful human being from Hollywood who teaches yoga on the ship and is unbelievably sweet – gave me a lot of really pertinent insight into how I should approach the upcoming phases of my life. And, really, how anyone should approach life in general.

My main card was “strength,” which I felt was appropriate, since, as I’ve stated in past posts (maybe in different words), that’s one of the things I’m searching after on this trip. Trevor said that I would reach this goal, but he also said – and this is what really struck me – that I need to be “a fighter, not a winner.” In other words, just because I manage to find my strength (however that manifests itself) doesn’t mean that I’ve climbed to the top of the mountain of life and can party on for the rest of my existence. In Miley’s words (and many, fortunately, before her) life’s a climb– one that is beautiful and worthwhile, but which doesn’t guarantee a summit, or even a nice, peaceful plateau, at any point. And I believe that that’s the case for everyone.

I talk to a numerologist (kind of like a psychic) every so often. I know at this point in reading this you’re probably thinking that I’m a total freak who needs to have someone predict her future at all times, but that’s really not the case. Also, probably if you’re reading this you already know that I’m a freak. She’s more like a counselor than anything else, and she’s actually the person who pushed me to start a blog; she’s been a wonderful influence in my life in the past two years. Anyway, she sent a newsletter out at the beginning of January that said something similar to what Trevor said. She said, “2015 is not about winning the lottery ticket. It is about hard work yielding powerfully positive results.” That’s something we all should keep in mind, though honestly, on my end, Semester at Sea is so crazy that I don’t have time to even try to be lazy or less than a hundred percent engaged with my surroundings at all times.

Just thought I’d pass along those words of wisdom. Keep fighting! I’m missing you all. XOXO