Daily life on the MV

Since we have not yet gotten to port – well, we stopped in Hawaii for 24 hours but that doesn’t really count – we have all had plenty of time to settle into life on the ship in the past two weeks. For the first time in years – maybe since I started high school – I have gotten to actually relax. To breathe. To wake up without a cloud of anxiety around my bed and a voice telling me all of the things I need to do with my day. For the first time in years, I have had time to be bored. So bored that I wander around with my friends at night actively looking for something to do. And it’s LOVELY.


So, anyway, I just wanted to share what my typical “A” and “B” days look like on the ship (since we only have something like 35 total school days this semester – jealous now? – we just alternate these days and don’t have weekends).


A days:

6:30/7:00 – wake up

7:20ish – go to breakfast

8:00 to 9:15 – class

9:15 to 10:15 – chanting meditation with friends (I will post more about this; it’s wonderful)

10:30 to 11:30 – work out

12ish – eat lunch

All afternoon – do nothing/tan/nap/maybe do homework/make new friends/read

5:30 – yoga (this is a new addition to my schedule – keeping it up)

6:30 - dinner

7 to 9 - ?

9 to 11ish – pub nighhhhttttt (sometimes; otherwise just be social in some capacity)

11 (but probably earlier) – journal and go to sleep



B days:

7ish – wake up

7:30ish – breakfast

All morning – do nothing/tan/read/probably do the homework I should have done on A day/snack/work out

12ish – lunch

1 – class

2:30 – more class

3:50 – more class

5:00 – meet up with Kate after class and sign up for next day’s workout time (this usually entails waiting in a long line of skinny, beautiful girls also waiting to sign up for a workout time)

5:30 – yoga

6:30 – dinner

7 to bedtime – same as A day