10 things about Semester at Sea I’ve learned in my first week:

1.     No communication via technology.

Phones don’t work in the middle of the ocean. And the Internet doesn’t really work either. The main way of getting in touch with people on the MV is to wander around the ship until you find them.


2.     No connection to the outside world.

I spent $20 on a 10-minute phone call to my mother. Probably won’t be doing that again. And Facebook and Instragram are not worth wasting precious Internet minutes on.


3.     You can only sign up for a 30-minute time slot on the treadmill, but it’s twice the workout because you have to counterbalance the rocking of the boat as you run.


4.     “Pub night” means waiting in line for 30 minutes to get a beer. And then getting back in line as soon as you do.


5.     Some people try to get drunk at pub night.

Which isn’t possible (3 drink limit) unless you chug your dinner drinks at the last possible second and don’t eat all day – which someone did.


6.     It feels kind of like a cross between boarding school and summer camp.

Let’s just say people got really into trivia night


7.     Getting a tan > Doing your homework


8.     The faculty secretly get wasted and have dance parties in the faculty lounge.

I witnessed this first hand.


9.     The pool is a lot smaller than it looks in pictures. We call it the “watering hole.”


10.  I’ve never had more guilt-free time to do nothing in my entire life. Which will soon change once we get to Japan!!