Custom coaching packages


Each custom coaching program begins with our 2.5 hour clarity retreat and moves into designed-for-you coaching program of either 3 or 5 months.


Included in every program:

  • 2.5-hour clarity retreat

  • hour-long coaching session every 2 weeks following the clarity retreat

  • unlimited email access to Olivia

  • worksheets and homework delivered each week

  • a program designed uniquely to you according to your goals

Coaching starting at $350/mo.

Coaching and branding packages starting at $5,000 total.

The deliverables:

In any coaching package:

  • clarity on deeper mission, purpose & voice

  • a daily routine to keep you in balance & carry you forward

  • a structured plan around financial goals to keep you grounded

  • creative practices and flow to develop and grow your vision

  • understanding of your own superpowers & a deep knowing that you are carrying out your soul’s purpose instead of exhausting your precious energy doing what you “should” do

  • daily self love; a love for & understanding of ideal clients and how you uniquely show up for them; a strong and growing tribe

  • the ability to & practice of surrendering and trust in your guides & the universe

In any branding & coaching package (in addition to the above):

We are here to help you find the heartbeat of your brand, to get you clear on your personal purpose and mission so that you can infuse it into all that you do.


  • a brand book with voice, mission, tagline & brand keywords

  • color scheme and fonts for your brand (with 2 rounds of revisions on original proposal)

  • a mood board for brand aesthetic that we have built together over the course of our coaching

  • a base logo adaptable for website and social media (with 2 rounds of revisions on original proposal)

TIER 2. (including all from tier 1)

  • additional symbols to accompany the logo (with 2 rounds of revisions on original proposal)

  • a 9-post Instagram feed prototype (with 2 rounds of revisions on original proposal) - includes any templates for your future use

  • 2 bespoke illustration & developed illustration style for you to carry forward (with 2 rounds of revisions on original proposal)

  • a website landing page & layout


  • 5-page website layout (we will work together on copy)

  • a content photoshoot with one of our lovely photographers

Sample weekly breakdown (3-month package):

  • W1 - investigate: in our 2.5-hour clarity session we will look at your dreams and blocks and begin to build some goals for our work together. We will start to play with either personal or professional branding ideas, depending on whether you are starting a business or just hoping to access your inner guidance in your personal life.

  • W2 - ground: we will get you set up with concrete financial goals and a daily routine that will be the container & spiritual support-system for what you are building

  • W3 - explore: we will play with your creative side and create a vision board for the life you are hoping to manifest. We will look at your ideal client, ideal work day, and ideal home and really get into the specifics of where you are headed. If you have purchased a branding package, you will meet with Allie during this phase to talk about colors and logos.

  • W4 - actualize: we will look at your astrology & human design as well as your past experiences (drawing on the words of your close friends, as well) to piece together what your superpowers are and how you can use them in your business and/or personal life.

  • W5 - integrate: building on all we have gathered from past weeks, we will create a sales and marketing plan and make sure your website and social media are ready to go and feeling beautifully authentic to you.

  • W6 - surrender: here, finally, we will build your trust that you have an inner guidance more powerful than you know. We will look at tools for tapping into this inner guidance and surrendering to the universe in order to move through any future resistance that comes up. If you have purchased a branding package, this will be the time of final branding review with Allie.

The 5-month program will allow you to spend more time with each piece of the process. If you purchase a branding package, this will be weaved into whichever coaching program you choose.

The details:

Coaching & branding package

3-month or 5-month options

2 tiers of branding packages

Starting at $5,000. Payment plans available.

Coaching package

3-month or 5-month options

Starting at $350/mo.

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