branding & coaching for soul-centered entrepreneurs

You know what you would LOVE to do, in a perfect world. You are a badass women who has developed a unique skillset; you are successful at your job; and yet you don’t feel like it’s filling you up. You want to take leap and do your own thing - desperately - but you are overwhelmed by society’s (your parents’, your friends’) suggestion that there is a proper path through this life that you SHOULD take.

Let me be the person to show you that the only SHOULD in this life should come from your deep intuition and soul - it is time to follow your calling. And I have a support system in place to hold you up through the journey (it is an AMAZING one and a difficult one).

Welcome to

photo: Hayley Hill

photo: Hayley Hill

What we will accomplish

Together, we will build your brand in a way that feels beautifully authentic to you, so that you never feel unsure or self-doubtful about an Instagram post or a newsletter again. We will take your mission and your vision and transform it into a brand strategy that will be a pillar for your business for years to come. And through our work together visualizing and unblocking the resistance that has kept you from building (2 steps forward, one step back sound about right?), we will make sure your brand voice is SO aligned with you that you can’t help but sing it out to every person who comes your way - aka new clients, who will be popping up EVERYWHERE :)

The First House signature system:

Each of our packages - designed to fit bad-ass entrepreneurs in every phase of their launch - is derived from our essential “signature system”:

Step 1. Coming into alignment: I will meet with you one-on-one to deep-dive into your WHY so that we can build a beautiful foundation for the rest of our work together. We will look at your birth chart and human design, and we will use meditation and visualization to put your dreams on paper – your ideal clients, your deeper mission, the dream life that you fall asleep thinking about - and to understand what major steps you’ll be taking to achieve them IRL. You will start a mood board for your brand that you will add to throughout this process.

Step 2. Creating a golden “zone” for yourself. Allie, Lauren and I (First House founding members) will workshop daily ritual and movement with you. We will dive into what food you are fueling your body with, ways to infuse movement into your daily routines, and various activities that can feed your brain and rewire your mindset – all so that build physical and mental strength, move through resistance with EASE, and feel confidant and magnetic walking into any work situation (from sitting at your desk to meeting with a client you can’t wait to seal the deal with).

Step 3. Systems and logistics. Oh, and monay. You will meet with Lauren to talk optimization of workflow and energetics and logistic of money, so that you seal in a steady foundation to build from and avoid the mistakes that MANY business-owners make when they start out. We will even talk insurance, taxes, and how to approach setting up an LLC.

Step 4. The visuals. Our graphic designer, Allie, will present you with a logo, color scheme, and all of the essential visual elements for launching your brand. Our photographer, Rob, will also have a strategy session with you around shooting content for your brand, and based on the vibe you two decide on will do an hour-long shoot with you for initial content.

Step 5. Content. We will talk website and social media content, analytics, SEO, and how to put a sustainable and beautiful stream of content in place.

Step 6: Along the way, we will talk through any blocks that are coming up for you – all of the self-doubt that inevitably comes up through the process of starting your own business. In many of our plans, Olivia meets with you often to check in on the process and all of the emotions that come along with it.

BONUS: Along the way, you will receive worksheets, recorded meditations, and a birth chart and human design breakdown that you will be able to turn to, along with your mood board and brand strategy package, whenever you need guidance or clarity of direction. I will also be available over email anytime you need me so that you never feel alone in this process.

Testimonials from past clients:

"We stumbled upon a rare gem in Olivia - having worked in PR and employing a variety of marketing strategies, her capacity to capture the Cook Space mission from the outset was not only remarkably refreshing but incredibly influential in helping us distill our message for internal as well as external purposes. She approached each project with an unprecedented depth of care and passion, identifying areas of inquiry and possibilities for growth we hadn’t ourselves even considered.

Beyond her astonishingly refreshing positive and energizing attitude, Olivia’s hyper focussed attention to detail produced consistently stellar results - our social media audience for a new project went from 0 - 500 within thirty days.

She tackles each project with a vigor and sense of ownership that gave us the utmost confidence in its handling - any and all feedback was swiftly onboarded and applied with the telltale excellence we have come to expect from Olivia. Beyond all of this, she is simply a joy to work with, imbuing each interaction with the generosity of spirit and problem solving that is her nature. I cannot recommend her enough.”

- Lara Southern, Creative Director at Cook Space

“Olivia provided me with the perfect graphic designer for my new website and offered expert editing, sequencing and content advice. I highly recommend Olivia’s insightful and perceptive approach to rapidly expanding my number of site visits and viewers.”

- Robert Nickelsberg, photographer

About me:

I have been on this journey for a long time - the journey of feeling torn between listening to my soul and following what I “should” do. When I finally took the leap in January 2018 and decided to leave a full-time corporate job to start my own content business, regardless of what my parents and peers thought, I felt liberated. There have been so many times in my life when I have made the deliberate choice to stop pushing through the “should”s and surrender to the universe, and I cannot express how thankful I am. It has made all of the difference; because even on an off day when everything in my personal life seems to be falling apart, I know that my business nourishes me, and that the help I provide my clients fills me up. This is what I want to offer you. Through all of the techniques that I have picked up since this journey into self first began, when I was 18 and stumbled upon mindfulness, to my training in reiki, yoga teacher training, and all of my ongoing education around mindset work, reprogramming the things that are holding us back, I believe that each of us has the power to create our own path if we draw on the necessary tools to build our strength.

Are you ready to get started?

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation vision & alignment call. You can do that right here.

Step 2: We’ll connect on the phone and spend some time visualizing and holding space for your dream career. Then we’ll map out a strategy for reaching your goals. Get ready for some deep questions and to come away with a few exciting next steps.

Step 3: If we decide we’re the right fit we’ll discuss opportunities for coaching. I only work with entrepreneurs who I feel completely confident that I can help achieve their goals - it has to be a hell yes for both of us!