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Olivia Dillingham is a content creator, writer, and coach.

From a little bit of everywhere (San Francisco, Paris, and upstate New York, to name a few), Olivia loves to travel - and has settled, for now, in the jungle of New York City.

She combines her unique gifts of deep listening, intuition, and strategic creativity to guide women - in their businesses and personal lives - through blocks into clarity and self-love so that they can wholly and authentically go after their dreams and inspire others to do the same.

She is a reiki healer and a yogi - currently obsessed with Kundalini, craving a garden to get her hands dirty in, and learning all that she can about our planet’s natural healing systems.

creative services (which always begin with a guided clarity session): creative direction | branding & brand strategy | website, blog & social content | content strategy - newsletters, blogs, print products, & social media

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Testimonials from past clients:

"We stumbled upon a rare gem in Olivia - having worked in PR and employing a variety of marketing strategies, her capacity to capture the Cook Space mission from the outset was not only remarkably refreshing but incredibly influential in helping us distill our message for internal as well as external purposes. She approached each project with an unprecedented depth of care and passion, identifying areas of inquiry and possibilities for growth we hadn’t ourselves even considered.

Beyond her astonishingly refreshing positive and energizing attitude, Olivia’s hyper focussed attention to detail produced consistently stellar results - our social media audience for a new project went from 0 - 500 within thirty days.

She tackles each project with a vigor and sense of ownership that gave us the utmost confidence in its handling - any and all feedback was swiftly onboarded and applied with the telltale excellence we have come to expect from Olivia. Beyond all of this, she is simply a joy to work with, imbuing each interaction with the generosity of spirit and problem solving that is her nature. I cannot recommend her enough.”

- Lara Southern, Creative Director at Cook Space

“Olivia provided me with the perfect graphic designer for my new website and offered expert editing, sequencing and content advice. I highly recommend Olivia’s insightful and perceptive approach to rapidly expanding my number of site visits and viewers.”

- Robert Nickelsberg, photographer